Formulating a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Q: What Information should I put on my CV?


1. Personal Details Example
First Name (As per your ID or Passport) Christopher
Surname (As per your ID or Passport) Clarke
Known as (The name you are known as) Chris
Physical Address (Street address) 5 Oak Street
Town (Town you live in) Cape Town
Country (Country you live in) South Africa
ID Number (As per your ID book for SA) 890101 1234 080
Passport Number (Also if you have no ID) A00Â 123Â 123
Nationality (As per the passport that you hold)  
Position (Position you are qualified for) Plumber
Cell Number 082Â 123 3456
Home Number (021) 123-2345
E-Mail address

2. Education and Training Description of the Training / Training Provider / Dates for all certificates.
Offshore Survival with H.U.E.T. (Description)
CPUT (Training Provider)
Jan 2011 (Date of Training)

3. Work Experience
For each company you have worked for you need to provide the following details:
Company (The name of the Company you worked for)
Vessel or site you worked on
Country you worked in if outside South Africa
Employment Period (Start and end date month and year Jan 2011 to Feb 2012)
Position (Position you were appointed to do)
Responsibilities (Main tasks that you performed while in that position)
* Very Important there must be no gaps in your CV it must follow a time line.

4. References
Give 3 recent contactable references (Name Position and Contact details)
Written references must be on a Company Letterhead with date and details of person writing the reference.