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Every-large-scale engineering project has one thing in common: the need for personnel. This is where we come in. At SFG Engineering Services we have spent over 30 years building our business on supplying the kind of expert and skilled personnel the global engineering world demands. But we do not only supply skills! We supply the best, sourced from a global pool of candidates who are scrutinised and screened, ensuring the perfect match to your brief, which we then send to wherever you need them across the globe. The end-result? Not just the right candidate. The right teams made up of the right people.


Maritime, Mining and Industrial industries across the continent, across the globe. This base of strength in Africa has given us the distinct advantage of organic knowledge- an understanding of the continent, its industry, workforce and laws, and the common ground where all these factors meet. The sum: a true specialist in the business of specialists.


Our vision at SFG Engineering lies within providing excellence in personnel, extending far beyond a job title. As ''It takes people to make the dream a reality".


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